We at Mount Olive salute the veterans and their families, for sacrifices that have been made and are being made now!

The lesson in the Adult Sunday School class was “Prin ciples of an overcoming life”, from I John 5:1-21. When we love and serve God we have victory over the world! God must be most important in our lives! In the 2-6 year old class we learned God made everything and each of us is special!

Brother Ronnie’s message this morning reminded us of how many service people have lost their lives for the freedoms we enjoy. Jesus came into the world knowing He would die as the sacrifice for each of us!

Tonight’s service honored our graduates: Sister Kailyn from sixth grade, Brother Blake and Sister Crystal from high school. We love and are proud of each of these! Each was given a Bible as a road map for the rest of their lives! Scripture used was I Corinthians 13:11-13.

Every other Saturday morning, weather permitting, Brother Ronnie holds street meeting in downtown Heflin; the next date will be June 7th. We’d enjoy having you come by.

Mount Olive is blessed with many talented singer and musicians who use their gifts for God! If you enjoy old time singing, teaching and preaching we’d love to have you! We also have Wednesday night services at 6:30 pm.

Brother Ronnie’s number is 256-201-9444.