Sunday we had our 73rd Homecoming! Sister Rennie Ginn is 98 years old and the last living charter member, a great example of living for God!

Brother Jarvis opened our services; he spoke about Grace. II Corinthians 12:9 tells us God’s strength is made perfect in our weakness. We get strength when we read His word and pray!

The Sunday School lesson was from Exodus 28:1-29 and I Peter 2:4-10, “The Priesthood Established”. Our attitude for worship should always be one of reverence for our God! When we love God He qualifies us to work for Him!

Brother Brian Gilpin brought the message from Psalms 45:1, a “Gloroius Mystery”. Those who do not know Je sus cannot understand our love for Him. We need to tell everyone Jesus is King! and He’s coming back for His bride! Jesus will help us no matter our age or circum stance! John 19:17 tells of Jesus carrying His cross; it was really our cross He carried for us because it was too heavy for us to carry!

Brother John Abney sang and also the young ladies from Mount Olive; all have great talent they use for the Glory of God!

The Nesbitt family sang, providing us with wonderful anointed worship! We enjoyed having them, along with each visitor and those we haven’t seen in a while. When we love God there’s a special bond with others who love Him!

We thank God for the healings experienced!

Brother Ronnie’s number is 256-201-9444.