Happy Father’s Day to all Men! We pray you honored your heavenly father today! Our missionaries and pastor were away in Nicaragua spreading God’s word and seeing people saved. Praise the Lord! Our youth camp ended with 12 dedications/ rededications! Amen! Kids go for Tons of Fun on 24th at Blue Bell ice cream factory from 1045- 330pm. Contact Sandra Roberts. 

Bro. Roy Camden filled in for Bro. George today preaching from Hebrews 10:19-25, “Any Given Sunday”. We know and have read and even seeing signs telling us that Jesus is coming. One can almost feel the angels practicing to blow the trumpets as he returns. With that in mind, think about this that on any given Sunday, the Holy Spirit may come. When we are saved, the 3rd person of the Trinity comes to live in our heart and stays, never to leave. He can come at any time and affect a person greatly or convict them to seek His will. All you have to do is open your heart and let him in. 

On any given Sunday, a saint may be changed. Even after becoming a Christian, you can come to Jesus- again- and say, Lord I have sinned. Tell God you did it! He already knows your thoughts and inner desires. Tell Him! Then both of you know. Amen. The blood of Christ will wash it away. God will never bring it up to you but Satan will. 

On any given Sunday, your service may be confirmed by the will of God. And lastly, on any given Sunday, He will come and take us home! Praise the Lord that we will not know when that comes but I had rather be found in God’s house that out on the water. Hear your heart, don’t be afraid, just come.