Details for NOTICE By Virtue of the State of Alabama Code 40-3-20


NOTICE By Virtue of the State of Alabama Code 40-3-20, the Revenue Commissioner of Cleburne County, Joyce Robinson Fuller, on this date May 10, 2018, does hereby give notice that the assessed valuations of all property listed for taxation have been fixed as provided by law, that the tax return lists showing the assessed valuations are in her office and open for public inspection, that the Board of Equalization will sit at the Courthouse of Cleburne County on June 19, 20 and 21st ,2018, as specified by Department of Revenue to consider any protests that may be filed by any taxpayer as herein provided, and that any taxpayer, who is not satisfied with the valuations of his or her property as fixed and entered on the return lists as required herein may file objections with the Secretary of said board (Joyce Robinson Fuller), within 30 calendar days of the date of final publication (May 17, 2018) of the notice. The taxpayer shall set out in the objections filed the description of each item of property and his or her reason for making objections to the assessed valuation placed thereon. The Cleburne News May 10, 17, 2018