LEGAL NOTICE THE MARGARET S. LITTLE EDUCATIONAL TRUST FUND Notice is hereby given of the MARGARET S. LITTLE EDUCATIONAL TRUST FUND established pursuant to the Last Will and Testament of WILLIAM K. LITTLE to anyone who may be eligible to receive funds from the Trust. The priorities for eligibility are: (1) any Presbyterian ministerial student and member of the Presbyterian Church of Piedmont, AL, (2) any medical student from a high school within a 20 mile radius of Piedmont, AL, (3) any ministerial student from any Christian denomination who graduated from Piedmont High School, (4) any blood kin of W. K. Little or Margaret S. Little, any foster or adopted children of blood line, wives or husbands of such kin, God-children (Being Durward Van Wilks and William Henry Wilks, their children and/or heirs), (5) any graduate from Piedmont High School deserving financial assistance, as same have been interpreted to be pursuant to that certain JUDGEMENT of the Calhoun County Circuit Court entered in CV-83-500023 on May 25, 1984. Applications to receive said educational funds being distributed for the 2018-2019 academic year must be made by those eligible and must be actually received in the Trust Department of REGIONS BANK, Attn: Beth Reece, PO Box 10885, Birmingham, AL 35202, not later than July 1, 2018. Anyone interested may contact Beth Reece, Trust Officer, at the above address for an application or for further information. REGIONS BANK, BIRMINGHAM, in its capacity as Trustee of THE MARGARET S. LITTLE EDUCATIONAL TRUST, 201 Milan Parkway, Birmingham, AL, 35211. News Journal Calhoun Co., AL May 16, 2018