At least 1,200 people held advance tickets Saturday for the festival, which transformed Zinn Park – a city block of greenery in downtown Anniston – into a true concert venue, complete with multiple stages, yellow-shirted security staff and revelers walking carefully through the crowd with filled-to-the-top beer cups.

The slogan “Open Space. Perfect Pace.” combined with a new logo, will “connect the dots” between the landscape of the region and the activities and amenities in and around Heflin, said Tripp Muldrow of the South Carolina firm Arnett Muldrow. In a 30-minute presentation he explained the factors that went into the choice of Heflin’s new public image.

TUSCALOOSA — Smile big. Alabama quarterback Mac Jones was named MVP of Saturday’s A-Day Game, and running back Damien Harris is beyond proud. So much so, Harris is going to break out his trophy from two years ago to take what he called a father-son picture.

HOT BLAST: Do you trust Facebook and other social media outlets to protect your personal information?

Facebook finds itself in a brewing controversy over how its users online habits were revealed to political campaigns. Do you trust social media companies to guard your private information?

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One of the most ubiquitous condiments, if indeed it can be classified as a condiment, is Angostura aromatic bitters. For those who may have noticed this small, unassuming bottle in the cocktail mixers section of your grocery, perhaps we should first tackle its pronunciation: ang-go-store-ah.