Religion roundtable: “Is science at odds with religion?”
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Science can deepen faith

For many people, science and religion seem to be at odds with each other. However, in my humble opinion, that is an inaccurate understanding. As a Catholic priest with degrees in both chemistry and theology, I find that science and religion actually inform each other.

St. Anselm, an 11th-century Catholic theologian, referred to theology as “faith seeking understanding.” He recognized that God gave us the intellectual capacity to try to understand our relationship with Him more fully.

Everything in the world around us can help us to understand God better, but no amount of scientific study can ever replace faith. Understanding God fully will always be beyond our intellectual capacity.

When it comes to science, the Catholic Church is often remembered only for the debate surrounding Galileo and his telescope, but Catholics have often been at the forefront of scientific discovery. Two wonderful examples are Fr. Georges Lemaître, a Belgian priest and physicist, who first postulated what would become the “Big Bang Theory,” and Fr. Gregor Mendel, a German Augustinian monk, who developed the theory of genetics.

I truly believe that God wants us to use our intellectual abilities to learn and to grow. If God created the entire universe, then understanding how the universe works can nurture our relationship with God.

Scientific knowledge can actually help deepen our faith as long as we remember that no amount of knowledge can ever replace God.

Bryan Lowe, Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic Church, Anniston

Learn from creation

No! Emphatically no!

Almighty Yahweh, the maker and creator as well as sustainer of all things, is not at odds with anything that He created. Everything that He created was good, and everything He created knows to whom it belongs ... except for man.

Controversy exists because of man’s inaccurate interpretation of things that God created. Man is born lost and separated from God.

God is spirit, and lives in the spirit world. Man is also spirit, but he lives in the natural world.

Science attempts to gather knowledge from observation, study and experimentation with the use of instruments and other devices. Religion, on the other hand, pertains to the worship of a deity.

Science draws false absolutes about God because God cannot be studied. God is our Father, and He desires to be in relationship with mankind.

God cannot be studied with a telescope, mixed in a laboratory or developed from an hypothesis. He must be approached by faith, and without faith it is impossible to please Him (Hebrews 11:6).

God has given the world science and all of creation so that we may learn and understand invisible things from things that are made, even His eternal power and Godhead, and with this being said, then all men are without excuse for not knowing God (Romans 1:20).

The entire world is nothing more than a giant computer key that we can log on to and understand who God is.

Bob McClain, Living By Faith Ministry, Oxford