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Mrs. Langley’s 4th Grade Class

Time: 12:00

Place: Ranburne Elementary

Members on roll: 23

Members present: 20

Others present: 1

Today in 4-H we performed a play called “The Finger of Blame”. We have 5 members of cast. Zoe Braggs has the role of Tanya. Gracie Dearman plays the role of Tanya’s mom. Jaxon Langley plays the role of Jack. Josie Shearer plays the role of Mark. Mason Merrill plays the role of the dog. Tanya’s mom baked Tanya a delicious birthday cake. Andrew knocked the cake off the table and blamed it on the dog. At the end of the play, Andrew told his Mom that it was his fault, and Andrew got punished.

We learned about 4-H today. Ben Jackson, President, adjourned the meeting.

Reporter – Abigail Howle

First, the song leaders Skylar and Carson sing ro-ro-ro your boat. After that we did a play. Breanna, Chloe, Mason, Matt, Carson and Ben were the people in the play. They are given scripts and props. The 4-H teacher explained how to do the play. They play was great and fun. The play was like real life.

Reporter – Kayli Olds, Mrs. Pollard’s Class


We are pledging to our country. Your heart is to the left of your body. The secretary will call count role and tell who was absent. Minutes are so important. Food drive we will have a due date to have cans of food. It is due in November 4th thru 8th. The art is next Sunday. You will meet at the article park in Heflin. The Christmas program is December 13. Having a good character is good you will need them. It’s good to have integrity.

Reporter – Caitlynn Thornton, Mrs. Nole’s Class

Officers for 2013/2014

President – Zach Kribbs

Vice President – Levi Langley

Secretary – Erin Hagan

Reporter – Caitlyn Thornton

Song Leader – Paige, Zoe

4-H 6th Grade Report

10/3/2013 – Mrs. Rainey’s Class

To start off the meeting, our President, Jonston Smith, started off the meeting. We stood to sing songs and do pledges. Our song leaders, Manuel Ward and Matthew Char led us in row your boat. We sang the song first, and then we did rounds. Our vice president, Tye Bailey, led us in the Pledge of Allegiance and 4-H Pledge. The secretary, Devin Bailey, took roll call. Alexis Merrill was absent, and Jacob Brittian had moved. We had no unfinished business, but we did have new business. We bantered over the food drive, which now we can bring anything we want to for the drive. The class that brings in the most items gets a pizza party. Then we did a play called “The Finger of Blame”. Jozlyn Bonner was MOM, Allie Pollard was TANYA, Manuel Ward was CLOE the dog, Dylenn Alred was ANDREW, Hunter Hollis was MARK, and Chase Rainey was JACK. The sets were the KITCHEN and the BACKYARD. TANYA had to wear a bow. A birthday bow, because it was TANYA’S birthday tomorrow.

MARK and JACK wanted to eat the cake, but ANDREW didn’t want to get in trouble. MARK dropped the cake and CLOE got blamed, and ate most of the cake. ANDREW ended up confessing and paying for a new cake. After the play, President Jonston adjourned the meeting.

Reporter – Emma Norton 6th grade

4-H 10/3/2013

Today is October 3, 2013. Sean Pollard and Sara Shaw were absent. Taylor Stevens called roll. We talked about the food drive. It is the first week of November. No schools are assigned any certain foods. Please help us? Help the 6th grade beat the 5th grade at Ranburne High.

Next we did a play. It was called “The Finger in Blame”. The characters were Mom, Tanya, Andrew, Mark and Jack. The play was about Tanya’s birthday and her brother and two of his friends. Andrew and his friends knock over Tanya’s cake – it’s her birthday – and let his dog in and the dog eats the cake and got sick.

Reporter – Stephany Terry – Mrs. Kribb’s Class

October 4, 2013 – Pleasant Grove 4th grade

4-H Club meeting 4th grade students for the first time. We elected Jackson Sessions as our president. All other officers soon to be elected we have no old business but we do have new business. New info will be sent home to all students. Students will be in play called “The Finger of Blame”. The story’s morale is responsibility and accountability. Leader is giving parts. Liberty, Kala, Jackson, Brody, Nathen, Austin are in the play

Reporter – Abigail Howle – 12/4/2013 – Ranburne Elementary – Mrs. Langley’s Class

First in 4-H, we sang a song called “Oh! Susanna” led by Gracie Dearman and Zoe Braggs. Our vice president Amaya Elliot led us in our pledge to the American Flag. Our secretary Lila Forsyth took our attendance. Next, Abigail Howle, Chole Yates and Santana Smith showed their stockings they made. Then, we made spaghetti towers. Gracie Dearman, Brianna Bailey and Chloe Yates towers won.
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