Dog Dish: The hottest four legs on the Web aren’t grumpy at all
by Brooke Carbo
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August's Dog Dish Pet of the Month: Buster, Mookie, Wilson and Charlie. Submitted Photo
August's Dog Dish Pet of the Month: Buster, Mookie, Wilson and Charlie. Submitted Photo
Last week I found myself mindlessly perusing Facebook for not the first (or fourth) time that day. When the Buzzfeed shares and anticipatory Roll Tide status updates started to look familiar, I decided to mix things up.

So what did I do? Clicked on my Pages Feed.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: Whoa, crazy dog lady, take it down a notch. But it was actually kind of fascinating — like a Myers-Briggs personality test for a post-iPhone world.

If you ever want to take a no-holds-barred look at yourself, just scroll through your Pages Feed. Because you may think you’re a 5K-running, NPR-listening, Malbec-swilling kind of girl, but you know all those Facebook pages you’ve hit the like button on over the years? They paint a very different picture. Turns out I’m more into Saban and “Doctor Who”... and cupcakes — seriously, the number of cupcake photos I’m exposed to in a 24-hour period is absurd.

But I could follow every bakery in Alabama and if you looked at my Pages Feed, you’d still think you’d stumbled onto some new canine social media site.

For years it was the cat that showed up on all the hot Internet memes. I blame the LOLCats — they were everywhere. For crying out loud, my grandmother knows what “I can has cheezburger?” means. And I’ll admit they were adorable, and amusing. But with the soaring popularity of Grumpy Cat — you know, the one that hates Journey, and Christmas, and everything — the cat meme has come full circle. The four-legged online sensation these days is the dog. And I’ve got the Pages Feed to prove it.

I’ve got cute dogs, funny dogs, adoptable dogs, texts from my dog, hero dogs and dogs gone wild. There are dogs hocking dog products (Sorry, Champ, I’m sure you love your memory foam pet bed, but Koops likes his side of the pillow-top human bed just fine). There are puppies extorting likes with their pitiful puppy eyes (“I’m sure I won’t even get one like...” Um, you’re a puppy. You’d get likes if you were pooping). And there’s the public reprimand of mischievous dogs we call DogShaming (Please, your dog chewed up Dora the Explorer? Koops eviscerated the entire cast of Sponge-Bob SquarePants — before breakfast).

And how, you ask, did I come to be greeted every day by this virtual parade of pups? By following CuteDogPix, and Off the Leash, and Generation Dog, and We Love Our Pets, and I Love My Mutt.

I suppose it should come as no surprise, my affinity for dog-related Facebooking (I’d say dogbooking but Dogbook is already taken — I know, I follow it). I can’t help it. These pages just get the canine spirit, that irrepressible mix of silly, light-hearted fun and pure, heart-warming goodness. Fun and goodness, I feel compelled to point out, that’s been sorely missing from Grumpy Cat’s 15 minutes of fame. But I guess that’s why we have cat people and dog people. Not that I’m trying to draw any comparisons between the two. I have many, many friends who are cat people... OK, I know many cat people. I know a few — at least two of whom are not at all grumpy...

Perhaps we should move on. My point is that despite my affinity for dogbooking, I’m not usually one to share photos of other people’s funny and adorable dogs, mainly because I’m too busy filling my friends’ news feeds with photos of my funny and adorable dog. But occasionally I happen across something so fun and good and spot-on that it must be shared.

Perfect example: My most recent share was a photo of a giant pit bull resting his head on a sleeping infant with a caption that read “7 Dogs Who Are Failing Miserably At Being Vicious.” Other contenders: “7 Images of People Being Mauled By Puppies” or “7 Dogs Who Are Not Dealing With Their Codependency” or “7 Hilarious Dog Selfies” (worth sharing for Gangsta Selfie alone — golden retriever in a hoodie, eyes narrowed, throwing up a peace sign with a human hand ... maybe you’d have to see it).

Don’t get me wrong though. My Pages Feed is not all fun and games. Occasionally I happen across posts no overprotective pet mom should have in her imagination. For instance, “5 Signs Your Dog Has Seasonal Allergies” (don’t worry, vet gave him a cortisone shot — fixed him right up), “10 Most Toxic Foods For Dogs” (thankfully my picky eater doesn’t like grapes, just well-attired cartoon sea creatures), or “7 Odd But Quite Possibly Genius Dog Products You Never Knew You Always Wanted.”

That last one, admittedly, was not quite as panic-inducing. Although it is hard to feel 100 percent safe walking Koopa without a Fred Flare Dog Leash Plus with its built-in treat container, pop-up water bowl, LED flashlight, LCD clock and two-barrel poop bag dispenser. That’s why the “Swiss Army knife of dog leashes” is already on Koopa’s Christmas list.

Mark your calendar

On Saturday, Sept. 21, the Animal Medical Center is hosting the seventh annual PetFest in Zinn Park. The theme this year is Healthy Owners, Healthy Pets. To that end, the day’s events will kick off with the inaugural Wags’ Walk, a one-mile walk for pets and pet parents beginning at 9:30 a.m.

You know how Koops and I love a good pet-friendly event. PetFest 2012 was one of our first Anniston outings and you can bet we’ll be back this year — competing in contests, checking out the frisbee disk demo, eating some Smoke-N-Hot BBQ and, of course, getting to know the best people in Calhoun County: the dog people.

Assistant Features Editor Brooke Carbo: 256-235-3581. On Twitter @star_features.

Dog Dish Pet of the Month

All four of Linda and Robert Johnson’s pet babies are rescue dogs. Buster was rescued from the streets of Talladega, Mookie from the streets of Ranburne. The couple found Wilson in Tennessee and Charlie was rescued from U.S. 78 in Oxford.

Buster, Mookie, Wilson and Charlie have all been trained for nursing home visits, pet mom Linda brags.

As well she should —once homeless, these animals are now so well behaved and have so much love to give that they have more than enough to spread around. And, she added, they love getting to see all of their fellow therapy dog friends.

“Four dogs are a big responsibility, but the love received is payment enough,” Linda says.

Oh, and one more thing: “Don’t buy — adopt! And be sure to spay and neuter!”
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