The Grave of Kimberly Jackson
by Haley Rowe, age 16, White Plains High School
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It was early on a cold, October morning when Steven arrived at work. He entered the old wrought iron gate of the Hollow Acre Cemetery, driving slowly through the endless rows of tombstones. There was an eerie feeling as he drove carefully through the thick fog. “Will it be open again?” Steven asked himself. He parked the car and walked slowly up towards Kimberly Jackson’s grave. Just as he feared, dirt was piled high, and the grave was once again open. Trembling, he peered down the deep hole at the uncovered casket.

This had happened every day since the casket had been covered. Steven refilled the grave each day and found it open every morning. Quickly, he got a shovel from the trunk of the car and returned to the grave only to find fresh blood dripping down the tombstone. Steven was frozen in fear. The blood underlined the letters “J” and “A.” In a panic, he cleaned the blood and buried the casket. All day long he thought about the significance of the letters “J” and “A”.

Steven barely slept at all that night. He pondered on what Kimberly Jackson might be trying to say. The next day he was sick at his stomach from the thought of going to work. Steven dreadfully pulled into the dark, creepy cemetery. Just as he expected, the grave was yet again empty, and there was blood on the tombstone, but today, it underlined the letters “C” and “K.”

“Jack?” Steven gasped. “Jack who?” he wondered. Terrified, he jumped in his car and took off out of the Hollow Acres Cemetery. Steven tried to calm himself down throughout the day. “I’m just seeing things,” he convinced himself. Embracing his fear, he returned to the grave of Kimberly Jackson.

Thinking someone was only messing with him, he hid in the nearby woods and watched the grave. Steven fell asleep but was suddenly awakened by a strange noise coming from the cemetery. He immediately looked up and saw a ghost coming out of the grave. It was the spirit of Kimberly Jackson. She was writing something on her tombstone, but Steven was too far away to read it. He was keeping his distance from her. Steven waited there until daylight. Slowly, he made his way to the bloody tombstone. This time the blood read “run”. Ignoring this, he completed his daily routine and went home. “It’s all a bad dream,” he said.

Steven was fully rested and alert when he arrived at Hollow Acres the next day. He was convinced that he had imagined it all, that is until he heard the soft whisper of a girl. “Run Steven, run,” she said. All of the sudden, he felt a cold hand on his shoulder. Chills ran up his spine. Paralyzed with fear, he slowly turned his head to see the cold, gray face of a man.

Steven tried to run, but the man grabbed him and pulled him back. He instantly realized that Kimberly had been trying to warn him of the killer. This must be Jack, he thought to himself. It was too late for Steven. Jack murdered him and threw his body into the grave with Kimberly Jackson and filled in the hole.

To this day, it is said that every morning blood appears on the tombstone in remembrance of Kimberly and Steven. No one ever found out what happened to him. Jack is still out there somewhere, and no one even knows he exists.
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The Grave of Kimberly Jackson by Haley Rowe, age 16, White Plains High School

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