Happy Halloween??
by Abigail Shull, age 11, Saks Middle School
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In 1998, Halloween day, a little girl named Cindy had been missing for hours.

The police began a search and found Cindy's body in a washed out creek at the foot of a cemetery.

The police immediately reported their findings to the parents but reluctantly informed them that it was only their daughters body they had found. The parents were so distraught that they immediately moved out of their house and away from that town never to return again.

Thirteen years later on October 31, 2011 a family of four moved into that very same house.

They always wanted to live in a rural town and they had finally found their dream home. While the parents were unpacking, the kids Linda and Caleb, went outside to explore the neighborhood. Linda is thirteen, and the oldest of the two her younger brother, Caleb is only nine. They venture down an old path canopied by trees and apparently untraveled for years. When they reached the end of the path

Linda noticed a creek so her and her brother went over to play. The children had been playing for quite some time when suddenly Linda felt an icy cold chill that ran up the back of her spine and the hair on her neck stood straight up. "Did you feel that" Linda asked Caleb. "Yes" replied Caleb "It got really cold all of the sudden. I want to go home now." Just then Linda saw what appeared to be an old grounds keeper standing at the top of the hill, behind a black rod-iron fence, holding a long sickle, and staring back down at them. "Is he looking at us? “asked Caleb. "I think so" Linda said quietly. “let's get out of here" said Caleb and he took off running. When Linda turned to run she noticed something unusual laying on the ground by her feet. When she bent over to pick it up. A voice from on top of the hill said "Hey you kids what are you doing down there?" Linda grabbed the dirt covered object from the ground and took off after her brother. The kids ran straight home without looking back. When they got home they began to look at the thing that Linda had found "what is this?" said Linda turning it around in her hands. "I'm not sure." said Caleb. "It looks like a skull of some sort" said Linda. "Well it is Halloween tonight maybe someone left it out there" said Caleb. The kids went into the house to show their parents and tell them what had happened. Their mother and father thought it best to call the police because the skull looked real. While Linda's parents were on the phone she saw that grounds keeper in the front yard of their house. "He's standing outside in our yard" screamed Linda. Linda's father went to the window to look outside but he could not see anyone. "Where?” said her father. "Right there"! said Linda but when she looked to point, the grounds keeper was gone.

The police showed up just as it was getting dark and Linda had been crying ever since she saw the grounds keeper in her yard. "It's real alright, where did you kids find this?" asked the police. "At the end of a path where a creek is." said Caleb. "There was a big hill and a man with a sickle, he followed us home!" said Linda wiping her eyes. Just then the doorbell rang and Linda screamed. Her father went to the door and opened it slowly. "Trick or treat" screamed the kids at the front door. 'It’s just trick or treaters Linda." said her father.

"You kids better get your costumes on if you’re going out trick or treating tonight." said their mother.

The End??
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Happy Halloween?? by Abigail Shull, age 11, Saks Middle School

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