Forever Damned
by Wilnadia Murrell, age 15, The Donoho School
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“Oh, my God Jimmy, please wake up. Jimmy!”


“Come on Sarah we need to volunteer somewhere. How about this one, need help with house cleaning and cooking, call 555-7381, 413 Lonely Manor Rd.”

“That’ll do,” said Sarah.

Jimmy and Sarah arrived at an old mansion. The car, stopped in front of the mansion’s door. Jimmy and Sarah walked to the door, frightened by the eeriness, of the building and knocked. The door slowly opened, the creaking sent echoes through the mansion adding to Jimmy and Sarah’s fear. They walked in to see steps leading to the next floor. Jimmy and Sarah left each other’s side to go looking around; while Jimmy’s looking around he sees a vase with jade flowers on it, and a silver inscription was on it. Trying to read it, he is suddenly interrupted by Sarah’s scream. Running to her screams, he finds her looking at a man wearing a black tuxedo, his hair white as snow, his eyes were black, and his skin was pale as his hair. Then the mysterious man said, “Hello, I’m Sebastian, welcome to my home. You must be the volunteers.”

Sarah replied, “Yes, I’m Sarah and this is Jimmy.” “Please follow me,” said Sebastian.

Sarah followed him grabbing Jimmy on her way out. Sebastian went room to room talking about rules; he stopped at a room on the second floor. He said, "Never go in this room; if you do your punishment will be great.” After that Sarah and Jimmy left to return the next day. It’s the next day and Jimmy was cleaning while Sarah cooked. Jimmy was cleaning on the second floor when he was startled by a high pitch scream from the forbidden room. Jimmy ran in only to see Sebastian with sharp teeth and a sunken face. Sebastian grabbed Jimmy and looked into his frightened eyes. His soul left his eyes and Sebastian took it and put it in a vase with jade flowers on it. Sarah had finished cooking dinner when Sebastian came in and Sarah said.

“Mr. Sebastian, have you seen Jimmy?”

“Don’t worry about him.”

Sebastian began walking toward her backing her into the counter; she grabs the knife behind her and stabs him. She ran upstairs looking for Jimmy; she sees the forbidden room door open. When she goes in, she sees Jimmy lying on the floor.

“Oh my God, Jimmy, please wake up. Jimmy!”

Sebastian came in and shouted,

Come here wench!

Sarah ran to bathroom, following her was Sebastian’s contorted body. She locked herself in the bathroom, leaning on the door she turned around only to see to blackened eyes. Sarah shouted.

“Leave me alone!

“The moment you entered this house your soul became mine, damned forever. I need souls, so I can live longer. The souls I take are kept in the vase with jade flowers on it.”

Then he grabbed her, burning her eyes, stilling her soul. Once he was done, he smiled laughing and laughing.
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Forever Damned by Wilnadia Murrell, age 15, The Donoho School

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