The Ring
by Campbell Hagan, age 9, The Donoho School
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One Halloween night, two teenage girls, Aubrey and Leila, went to a party in Crystal Blossoms Meadow. They didn’t like the girl, so they only went for the candy. When all the candy was gone, they left. Leila was spending the night with Aubrey. Aubrey lived in Crystal Blossoms Meadow, too. Aubrey decided to take a short cut through the cemetery.

When they approached the gate of the cemetery, Leila said shivering, “You really want to do this?” “Don’t worry I’ve done this before,” Aubrey said. They walked into the gate. The wind picked up, and they started running. Aubrey was ahead, and Leila was lingering behind. Leila tripped over the tombstone of Laura Motts, their old mayor. They looked at the name, and Aubrey said, “Let’s dig her up!” “No! It’s illegal to do that,” Leila said. “No one’s going to find out,” Aubrey said. “Still, no,” Leila said. “I’ll tell Dylan that you like him,” Aubrey said with a big smile. Leila said, “Okay.” They went to the shed and got some shovels started digging.

Laura Motts was wearing a gold ring. Aubrey took it off of her, and told Leila to hold it. “I don’t want it,” Leila said, pushing it away. Aubrey put it on Leila’s finger. Leila tried to pull it off, but it wouldn’t come off. Leila hit Aubrey and then ran off. Aubrey caught her and said, “What was that for?” “You forced the ring on me, and now it will not come off,” Leila said in a mad tone. “ Calm down; it will come off.” Aubrey said. “Okay,” Leila said. They walked back home, and went to bed.

Leila woke up to a voice saying, “Give me back my ring.” Leila woke up Aubrey, and told her about the voice. “Go back to bed. You’re fine.” Aubrey said tiredly. Leila went back to bed.

The next morning Leila went back home, and finally got the ring off. The next morning at school, Leila gave Aubrey the ring, and told her to put back on Laura Motts’s finger.

Aubrey got home that day, and took a nap. She put the ring on the dresser. While she was asleep the sprit of Laura Motts got out of the ring and killed Aubrey. The next morning Aubrey’s mother called Leila, and told her the news. Leila told her mom to take her to Aubrey’s house. She got the ring and put it back on Laura Motts’s finger.

On October 27, the day of Aubrey’s funeral, Leila looked back at the woods, and saw the sprit of Laura Motts saying, “ You are next.”
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The Ring by Campbell Hagan, age 9, The Donoho School

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