by Ashleigh Nunnally, age 14, The Donoho School
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“My skin! It hurts it all hurts take it away from me! Let me atone for past sins! Please! Such an impossible task that I will not grant.” Tears of blood fell from my eyes. I landed in the lake of blood and fell farther down. I had always been warned about Hell. I just never thought that’s where I would go. I couldn’t help but think about my succumbed desires. Stealing, hurting others, I never even got to tell my mother I loved her. I wonder what she would say to me. “Lunaris! Oh my poor Lunaris! You gave into your desires and now look at where you are!” I continued to fall farther down the lake of blood. I could finally see a light at the end, but I wasn’t going any faster. My skin was already burnt to black now from the fire in this lake. I finally fell into the light only to land on corals as sharp as needles. I even fell through that and landed on a tower. Every one of my surroundings was white, colorless, no expression. I had no doubt where I was. This had to be limbo, or for you mortals Purgatory. I walked down into the opening of the tower and walked down the winding staircase. Music. But, where? It sounded like circus music but, I couldn’t figure out what part of my life I was involved in a circus. I was supposed to be seeing my past crimes but, a circus was something I never did a crime in or even went to. Maybe I was being shown the life I could have had. So I’m guessing I was going to have children and take them to a circus. Wait, a child. Where have I seen this circus before? I was standing in front of a dark looking circus and I could see cages on the left side of the opening. I walked to the side of the circus to look at the cages. There were deformed people in these cages but then I saw me. Crying. Pleading for someone to let me out. I watched as I took a knife out of my boot and a pair of keys. I opened my caged still pleading for someone to let me out. But I was already out, wasn’t I? I opened the others cages and killed them, then proceeded to commit suicide. I cried. I remembered. My mother had sold me off to a freak show where I was mocked and made fun of. What disability I had I don’t know. All I know now is why I was in Hell. “O but Lunaris, you still are in Hell. This is your punishment for committing suicide. To eternally remember this day and to be forever stuck in limbo and whenever you get close to freeing yourself you will always, always, just get knocked back down.” I began to cry as I was thrown bake down into the lake of blood and fire.
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Remember by Ashleigh Nunnally, age 14, The Donoho School

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