The Odenville Middle School SGA attended the Southern Association of Student Councils annual conference in Greenville, S.C. Nov. 2-4.

The theme was Leadership in Lights, and Sponsor Tammy Williams said it was like being in Hollywood.

It was the third time the school SGA had attended the conference.

Williams called it a regional convention.

"Fourteen states throughout the Southeast were there," Williams said. "OMS entered several competitions at this leadership conference. Kindrel Clark entered and won first place in the speech competition in the middle school division. It was the first time we ran for office. We ran for parliamentarian."

Williams said middle schools normally do not run for office. They can, but they just don’t run against high schools.

"My students have been asking me for three years if they can run against high school students," Williams said. "We decided to take on that challenge. We took campaign materials with us, such as wristbands, T-shirts, flyers. The other schools from Alabama that went with us, helped us campaign as well."

Williams called it one of the most stressful things she has ever been involved in as a teacher. OMS ran against two high schools, one from Florida and one from Louisiana.

"We defeated the high school from Louisiana in a runoff," Williams said. "It was awesome. Words cannot explain how we felt. The students worked so hard."

There were over 60 schools and 1,500 students represented at the conference.

Williams also won an award as her student, Molly Ann Moon, nominated her for National Student Council Advisor of the Year.

"Molly had to go before a panel of judges," Williams," said. "This was my third time to be nominated and first time to win it. It was awesome. It was like winning the Nobel Peace Prize in SGA. It was one of the greatest feelings and accomplishments I have had as a teacher."

Williams said she is so proud of her SGA students.

"These guys stepped up to the plate," she said. "They were given a chance to compete against high schools, and they responded."

With what the SGA accomplished, Odenville Middle School became only the second middle school in SASC history to run for office and win.