ASHVILLE – Ashley Cartier’s death from an auto accident may save many lives in years to come, thanks to a national program from State Farm called Celebrate My Drive.

The Ashville High School senior was killed Aug. 30, as she was driving to school.

Celebrate My Drive is a national program providing grants to the top 50 schools in the United States and Canada that participated and received votes.

Thanks to this program, Ashville High was awarded a $25,000 check recently that will be used to promote safe driver, and go to scholarships for students in the future who graduate from AHS.

On hand were Cartier’s family and representatives from State Farm, including Springville’s Richard Waid.

"This is quite an accomplishment," Waid said. "You hate that the platform is student awareness on driving, and hate that Ashley lost her life in a car accident."

Waid said the scholarship is such a wonderful thing.

"Being able to carry on a legacy in Ashley’s name is great," Waid said. "Students in the future who win this scholarship will understand the meaning behind it."

Ashville High School principal Patti Johnson said the number-one killer among teenagers today is accidental death in a vehicle.

"We are so thankful for this program, and we all got online to vote for Ashville High School," Johnson said. "All of the other high schools in the county helped us out, and we are so appreciative. Cartier’s old high school, Oak Grove, even helped us out. We were one of only three schools in the state that won an award."

Ashley’s mom, Tammy Barnes, thanked the AHS student body for all they had done.

"You have shown me how much you care about her," Barnes said. "This $25,000 will hopefully help one of you in the future. Ashley was such a loving and giving person.

"I love her so much because she would just give to be giving. She had such a big heart. I’m so proud to be part of this community."

This scholarship will mainly be used to enhance students’ knowledge of safe driving. Some of the money will also be used for the band since Cartier was a member of the band.

Johnson said a committee would be formed to decide how the money would be divided up and used.

"Tammy was adamant that this senior class receive the first scholarship," Johnson said. "Again, we are so thankful for the help from everyone."