Laura Carter teaches fourth grade at Odenville Intermediate School. She recently asked Pell City’s Colonel Doug Isbell to come talk to her class about the Civil War.

"We are studying the Civil War right now, and learning about the different things that happened in Alabama," Carter said. "I thought it was important for the students to get another perspective from outside the school and in the community. I wanted that person to come in and help broaden their experience with the Civil War."

Carter could not have picked a better person who was suited to talk about the Civil War than Isbell. He did more than just talk about it. He reenacted it.

Isbell is part of what is called a Living Historian, a group that is recognized by the Federal Government. He is with the Cleburnes Division of the Civil War Reenactors.

"I love History, I enjoy History and I teach History," Isbell said. "The way that it ties in even here in Odenville is simply amazing."

Through the years, Isbell and many more of his fellow reenactors have presented Civil War demonstrations and exhibitions to different schools. When he first started, he was participating in about 18 reenactments per year.

"We are down to about 10 per year now," Isbell said. "We are very busy from March to June each year and then again from August to November."

This is something Isbell has been doing as a hobby for the past 15 years.

"I have learned so much more about the history of the Civil War since I started reenacting," he said.

The students were mesmerized by the clothes Isbell was wearing, and the sword he carried. The one student who enjoyed the program the most was Isbell’s granddaughter, Adyson Luster.