With heightened rhetoric and intense divisions across our great nation, disagreements often get expressed in hateful terms, especially on social media where every voice, no matter how irrational or uninformed, carries as much volume as the next. But disagreement does not equate with hate. Or at least it shouldn’t.

Sometimes church music is like the "Henry" chorus. I was at a conference when we sang a song called, "I Could Sing of His Love Forever." And we almost did. We sang it for 10 or 15 minutes. As one of my buddies standing nearby whispered to me with mock seriousness, "I get it! I get it!"

The second Turkey Rodeo was held recently at Friendship Baptist Church in Springville. Senior pastor Dr. Roger White said this is a time when those who love to hunt turkeys are able to participate in a hunt that is totally free.

Pastors experience heartbreak when people leave the church. Certainly, there is a time when a person should leave a church. But, how do you know when that time has come? What is a biblical “reason” (not excuse) to leave a church?