When the willpower struggles with our sense of so-called need, we hit a brick wall. Overcoming the life sense is our task to invent the beautiful world we wish to have protracted onto the things around us.

We pass a bowl of candy then - denial starts and our first response has the reaching out. This is contrary to a nature we have claimed in wants and desires. The struggle itself is detrimental to the human will’s own fashion and curbs the delicacies that life has to offer.

Best to take the candy and prove the end of decision making without the body going into shock. The body already has ingested the sweets, and to procrastinate is to let the normal juices flow without substance. Like the thought of a lemon being squirted between your fingertips.

Yes, you’re doing it now. Your body has now produced the acidic response that will digest the lemon juice and keep you healthy. Sugary sweetness produces another mind-altering saliva that assists in the intake of what is placed before us.

What is the best thing to do this season when temptation – if you have to look at it as temptation – melts at the hinge of luxury? Partake and have no ill thoughts about doing so.

To take without meaning and to enjoy is to be human. To take as an automatic bodily function is to be at odds with free will, but we can say alright in a normal response.

If you have the power to know better, then know better before the act is taken up. Like most great cooks say, "The first bite is with the eye."

Sometimes a smell is all we need to send us back to grandmother’s house and relive the times that have a place in our memories. Then at times we hear the churning of the ice cream being made; the sound alone is enough to send us ever forward to have what it is we desire.

If you can’t, then don’t; if you know better, then don’t reach. Use the power within you to advent the proceedings to have another outcome. Use your other senses to partake in ways that have past memories without claiming the days as being overcome.

Before entering a house that will have more than what you can partake; limit yourself at that point. Don’t go in unarmed. Have yourself a shield ready and don’t speak of your shine upon your new armor.

People will think you have an iron will. Have an iron will and be more powerful than a creamy delicacy that smells of past enjoyments, especially the ones that you know has been prepared by someone of great culinary experience.

The real cooks of the world make it hard for denial of the best ever. Bless them for their care. Take only what is right for your health. Leave the rest for younger people that don’t even taste the delights. They will have their memories later to overcome.

Have a happy, healthy holiday, if only in your mind to remember your new challenge.

- Rickey Dale Hicks, Springville