To the Editor:

When I vote in elections I try to vote for the candidate that I think will follow the constitution — at least the majority of the time — regardless of their political party affiliation.

Today this has become next to impossible. Both Republicans and Democrats are like the old Burger King commercial: they want to have everything their way, in spite of what the laws of the land limit them to, laws put in the U.S. Constitution for the protection of every individual’s rights, and not for the enrichment of any given political party.

RINOs like John McCain are the prime example of what’s wrong with the Republican Party today. He calls caving in and abandonment of constitutional principles "compromise." I call it becoming "Democrat-lite," and if that’s what I had wanted I would have voted Democrat. Both parties becoming the same is not following the constitution; it’s fulfilling the latest whim or fad of the day.

I see nothing in the Democrat Party to make me think it’s anymore than a holdover of the old Soviet style political bloc of Eastern Europe. Until both parties once again adhere to the principles of the U.S. Constitution and stop chasing unicorns, rainbows and butterflies, there will be no stability in America’s government and no hope of the retention of our rights under the Bill of Rights.

So let the political games continue while America crumbles like ancient Rome.


Billy E. Price, Ashville