Harvard University has announced new rules that will punish students who join single-sex clubs, including fraternities and sororities. Harvard University, like most other universities, is two-faced when it comes to sexual discrimination. 

In recent weeks, it’s been one positive headline after another for Pell City. But how? What’s Pell City got that’s making this success possible? What are city leaders doing that’s making a difference?

Let's ask ourselves why corporations, labor unions and other groups spend billions upon billions of dollars on political campaigns, pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for a speech, and wine and dine politicians and their staffs. Do you think these are just civic-minded Americans who want to encourage elected officials to live up to their oath of office to uphold and defend the U.S. Constitution?

While observing the Legislature the other day, I fondly remembered an eventful day as a youth. As a teenager, I grew up working at the Capitol as a page in the House and Senate. Albert Brewer had been elected to the House from Morgan County in his late 20s and became speaker in only his second term. He would eventually let me sit beside him in the speaker’s box ...

My reflections on this Memorial Day, besides reflecting on those who have served this Constitutional Republic, is there are those in this country whose families and themselves have given little to it in the past or present.

In response to O’Neal Cleveland’s letter, “Church leaders should examine their own lives” (Volume 2016 No. 73), I believe this is a 100 percent valid challenge to church leaders.