Rick Hutchinson’s life is a busy one. Between two jobs, a commute between Birmingham and Springville, and a wife and six children — the oldest is 8 years — Hutchinson has plenty to keep him occupied.
His hope for Christ Community Church, however, is a place of rest.
“We get busy a lot,” Hutchinson said last week. “We talk a lot (in church) about resting in Christ.
“We want to focus on proclaiming the Gospel, and let the Lord bring the harvest.”
Hutchinson, now officially ordained as a pastor, has served the congregation at Christ Community since it was officially “planted” last year. The first service took place on Easter Sunday 2012, and regular worship services began later that year. The church is a Presbyterian congregation, but Hutchinson said his focus is on the community as a whole.
“We really hope to see people cling to Christ,” he said. “We haven’t isolated one demographic. We want to spread out and reach the ‘unchurched’ in our community.”
Hutchinson — a native of Rainbow City who works during the week at Daxko in Homewood — began his journey toward ministry as a student at Auburn University, but says it took him more than eight years to reach this point.
“About two years ago, I finally realized where I needed to be,” he said. “I started taking things a little more seriously after that.”
The idea of planting the church in Springville came to him from a seminary classmate at Community Presbyterian in Moody. In 2009 a few members of the Moody congregation who lived around Springville started a Bible study with the hopes of one day planting a new congregation.
“They were ready to hire somebody,” Hutchinson said. “I couldn’t really commit to anything full-time, and this job (with Daxko) allowed me some flexibility.
“The Lord brought all the connections together.”
The church has already begun some of its community ministries, such as Griefshare, a partnership with other local churches to those grieving the loss of loved ones.  The current session goes through April, and a new session will begin in the fall.
“We have a lot of really good people,” Hutchinson said. “It’s neat to watch how the Lord uses each of them.
“For a long time, we just sang a capella. One day one of our ladies said she’d been playing piano and would give it a try. Everybody is just doing whatever their particular gifts will lead them to do.”
Hutchinson called the church growth “a group effort.” Currently, the church boasts around 35-40 regular attendees.
“We have a great group of ladies that do a lot,” he said. “A few weeks ago when I was ordained, they organized the whole thing, so I didn’t have to do anything.
“They’re (in the church) doing what we want to see the body of Christ doing: ministering to the community and to each other with the gifts the Lord is giving them.”
Hutchinson and his wife, Peggy, have six children: Kate, age 8; Claire, age 7; Henry, age 5; Jack, age 3; Sims, age 1; and newborn Miles. He said they fit in with the rest of the congregation.
“We have tons of kids in our church,” he said. “It’s a good situation to be in.”
Christ Community Church is located on U.S. 11, just north of downtown. Worship takes place each Sunday, at 10 a.m.