It has been a year to remember for Lindsey Spruiell. The 2014 St. Clair County Distinguished Young Woman will relinquish her title on June 21, when the 2015 St. Clair County DYW will be chosen.

Spruiell is the 18-year-old daughter Randy and Kellie Spruiell of Springville. She has one brother, Dustin, 22.

"I had the chance to do so much during this past year," Spruiell said. "I performed at Moody’s Oktoberfest and Springville’s Homestead Hollow, spoke at Moody Chamber of Commerce meetings and St. Clair County Teachers’ Workshop. I was in several Christmas Parades and had the chance to visit all the high schools in the county to talk to young women about the local DYW program. It was all a lot of fun."

As her talent, Spruiell tap dances and does lyrical dances.

"I could not believe I won the local DYW," Spruiell said. "I was so excited and overwhelmed. I remembered how Lacey Gossett (2013 St. Clair DYW) talked about her experiences. And now I was getting the chance to experience this and how I was going to make new adventures of my own. I had the chance to serve my county and community and be a role model to girls who are younger than me."

Spruiell said during the past year, she has seen herself as a more independent young lady.

"Participating at the state program helped me grow up," she said. "It made me mature more. It honestly prepared me for college as I was unable to talk to my parents for 10 days.

"The DYW program at the local and state level has given me great discipline and great life skills wherever I go. It has been very rewarding."

Spruiell wanted to thank the ladies at the local DYW who helped her so much during this past year. Ladies like Kathy Soltis, Debbie Gossett, Kathy Ronderos, Melissa Adkins, Carol Hornsby and Laura Armstrong.

"They are amazing ladies," Spruiell said. "They invested so much time in me, and for that, I am so grateful. I am blessed to live in St. Clair County."

Spruiell just graduated from Springville High School with a 4.1 GPA. She plans on attending Auburn University in the fall to major in speech pathology.