Facebook has an algorithm that determines who sees your material, and in what amount. Understanding their reasoning can increase your reach.

Hall of Fame coach Pat Summitt, a pioneer of women's college basketball who guided the Tennessee Volunteers to eight national titles in her 38 seasons at the university, died Tuesday morning, according to ESPN. She was 64.

After meeting with Donald Trump for two hours in New York City, America’s top Christian leaders declared Hillary Clinton’s policies evil and wicked.  

Marie hit an all-time high on the sublime-to-ridiculous continuum last week. What tipped her over the top of the silly scale was a text inviting several of her weight-conscience girlfriends to join her in a Groupon deal for a fat farm retreat.

ASHVILLE – Summer school is in full swing at Eden Career Tech Center. Principal Adrianne Dodgen said this is the fourth year for ECTC to host a summer session.

I vaguely remember the high school dating scene with multiple cases of “going steady” and break-ups. Some of these on-again, off-again relationships were hard to keep up with since they were on-again today and off-again tomorrow! I’ve thought lately that we need an ecclesiastical break-up service in the church.