SYLACAUGA-- No.8 seed Lincoln High girls basketball team used a huge third quarter to defeat No.9 seed B.B. Comer, 56-28, in the play-in game of the 2017 Talladega County basketball tournament Monday afternoon at Sylacauga High. With the win, the Lady Golden Bears will take on No.1 seed Syla…

As to be expected, the left wing media hacks just cannot report actual facts and have to always be pushing their agenda.

On New Year’s Eve, I went to bed shortly after 9 p.m., just like I always do, unless the game I am watching is a close one. Then I might stay up.

Sadly, many do not have the right understanding of the proper role family (biological and spiritual) should play in the Christian life. Instead, many have (perhaps unknowingly) placed family on a platform above or equal to the worship of God.