PELL CITY -- More than 500 people gathered at the Pell City Rec Hall on Monday to pick up food for themselves and their families, something that has been repeated for the past year on the third Monday of every month.

“We give out food until it’s all gone, said Carrie Leland, who along with Jean Spear Davis spearheaded efforts to feed those in need in St. Clair County. “We purchase food from the Community Food Bank, which is part of Feed Alabama.”

The two women formed The Good Works Charitable Foundation, which is a 501(c)3 organization. The nonprofit has now touched the lives of more than 6,500 people, providing more than 45,000 pounds of food for low-income families.

“It costs approximately $1,000 a month for our grocery order,” Leland said.

The two women got the idea for the foundation after deadly tornadoes ripped across St. Clair County in April 2011. They said the volunteer relief effort was eye-opening, helping people at a time of great need, but they realized when things returned to normal, the need for help remained.

“You have children who are starving to death,” said Tom Gant, of Pell City, who along with Dr. Peter D’Sa serves on the foundation board.

When he was first approached about joining the effort, Gant had reservations initially. He has none now. Gant said the need is real.

“You have some kids who come up here who have never had a Coke,” Gant said. “This is truly a blessing.”

On Monday, the group celebrated its one-year anniversary, serving the community the best way it can.

The Good Works Charitable Foundation Community Table was set up to help anyone who needs a helping hand, especially those who don’t qualify for federal assistance and who are just trying to make ends meet. The group starts handing out food at 6 p.m. the third Monday of every month. It is first come, first serve, organizers said.

Davis said the nonprofit group depends on donations, along with business and corporate sponsorships, to help feed those who need assistance.

“It’s not just for the working poor, but for seniors, too,” Davis said.

Anyone who wishes to donate or support The Good Works Charitable Foundation can contact Davis at 205-369-8516.