She said it’s all about giving – the giving of your time, talents and efforts to help others.

“We’re always talking about giving,” said Kaye Spears, the volunteer youth coordinator for First United Methodist Church in Talladega. “That’s what it’s all about.”

Five high school girls from the church’s youth group joined other volunteers to build a wheelchair ramp so an 88-year-old Munford woman can get in and out of her home with falling and hurting herself.

“I appreciated it very much,” said Christine English, who retired from Hill Elementary School in Munford after teaching school for 38 years. “It will help me get in and out of the house.”

Spears said their group planned to take a mission trip to the United Methodist Center of Relief in Baldwin, La.

“They did not have a date we could come,” she said.  

Spears said UMCOR is like a huge warehouse for emergency supplies.

She said the group planned to go there and make “flood buckets,” which are five-gallon buckets with cleaning supplies.

“Flood victims have to clean the inside of their homes before they can move back in,” she said.

Spears said volunteer John Tyson said not to worry about the out-of-state trip, because there was plenty of local mission work to be done.

“He said, ‘We can find something. We don’t have to go anywhere,’” Spears said.

Patti Kulovitz, who works in the home health care field and who attends First United Methodist Church, had the answer.

Spears said Kulovitz made a list of about four people who needed assistance, and English was on the top of that list.

She said Scott Taylor, who is a builder, designed the ramp and estimated the amount of material the group would need to complete the project.

“He made sure it was up to code,” Spears said.

And on one Saturday, the girls built the ramp under the supervision of Taylor and others.

Spears said it was the first time the girls used carpenter tools, such as power saws and drills.

“They were very proud of themselves,” she said. “I’m sure it was a very rewarding experience for all of them.”

Spears said it was a hot day, one of the hottest days of summer, and the girls worked as a team, completing the construction of the wheelchair ramp in about five hours.  

The Rev. Minnie Bailey, pastor for the First United Methodist Church of Talladega, blessed the wheelchair ramp after volunteers completed the work.

“I thought it was well done,” she said.

She said it took a joint effort to build the structure, which included the youth group, the church’s mission committee, and the Truth Recovery Ministry.

Bailey said a building supply company in Columbiana donated the material for the construction project.

“We supplied the labor,” Spears said.

Bailey said FUMC in Talladega does a lot of local mission work.

“I think this was a good choice, and we will be doing others,” Bailey said.