Congratulations to Lt. Col. Barry Dickerson on his military retirement held May 29 totaling 29 years and 10 months of service. 

He is married to the former Alesha Sanders of Birmingham, and they are the parents of Brennan and Alana.

Brennan attends college in Texas, but spends summers home with his parents and sister, and Alana graduated June 7 ( a year early) from Kaiserslautern High School in Kaiserslautern, Germany.  

Plus, she received an academic and basketball scholarship to the Univ. of Alabama/Huntsville where she plans to major in interior design.

Stevlen Dickerson, Lt. Col. Dickerson’s brother, and children, Stephanie and Stevlen Jr., attended Alana’s graduation. To add to the fun, Stevlen was treated to an early birthday celebration.

Although the Lt. Col. has retired, he is not retiring his uniform. 

He has accepted a position as the ROTC instructor at a high school in Ft. Meyer’s, Fla.

Lt. Col.  Dickerson is the son of Earlene Simmons of Talladega. 

During a recent morning service, our bishop’s wife was bubbling with joy as she shared the excitement of her nephew receiving a yearly scholarship of $70,000 to Georgetown University in Washington, D.C.  

Her brother is a recent double-amputee and had wondered how he was going to be able to afford for his son to go to medical school. 

Sis Pat further stated that during the graduation ceremony, it took everything inside of her to keep her seated.

The joy felt among the congregation continued when 100 members were recognized for their academic achievement. The graduates ranged from kindergarten all the way through graduate school.

Several of the male ministries provided scholarships for several college-bound members that are involved in different areas of the church (media ministry, praise team, ushering, child care, etc.).

Bishop also remarked about the number of “A” and “AB” members and how they were mostly elementary students. 

I am so happy that there is hope for our young people.

Speaking of young people, I hate that so many of them are not taking advantage of all that is being offered (free G.E.D. classes, on line classes, night classes, fast track courses, a great variety of classes.).

My generation wanted nice things and we knew the solution to obtaining a better way of life.

When we finally managed to save and purchase a new living room suite, that was a wonderful day. For some reason, the sofa, love seat, chair and the matching, shiny coffee table and end tables were always delivered on Saturday mornings. 

 I think I know why we, my generation, wanted so much and were so motivated to work and/or go to school.

Sunday’s lesson was on the ability to excel and that the key is willingness and obedience.

But, according to today’s current events, the Bible is no longer “the reference book’ in so many homes.”

Let us continue to pray that the younger generation (elementary students) will resurrect willingness and obedience.