LINCOLN -- A 20-pound bobcat that approached two Lincoln residents at their home on Tuesday tested positive for rabies, at least the fifth case in in the area this year.

"The couple was on their porch on Embry Bend Road, and the husband went inside to get something," said Beth Thomas with the Lincoln Veterinary Clinic. "The bobcat came up on the porch, trapping the wife because he was between her and the door."

Thomas said the bobcat then attacked several of the couple's larger dogs in a pen.

"The dogs defended themselves and weren't injured," she said. "The husband came out and shot the bobcat in the pen."

Thomas said no one was injured. The dogs were current on their rabies vaccinations and only need a booster vaccination.

"The couple brought the bobcat in here Thursday and we got the positive results Friday," she said.

Cases reported earlier this year have included:

* April 21, Riverside: A fox captured by an animal control officer near The Ark restaurant tested positive for rabies.

* April 23, Lincoln: A raccoon taken to a veterinary clinic for testing a few weeks earlier was confirmed to have rabies. It had attacked some dogs in a fenced-in yard, and the dogs killed it.

* April 30, Springville: A bat tested positive.

* May 22, Sylacauga: A raccoon attacked a dog outside a residence, and the dog's owner killed the raccoon with a butcher knife. The raccoon was confirmed to have rabies the following week.

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