Editor, The Daily Home:

Many thanks goes out to Sen. Jerry Fielding for the sponsoring of the SB162 Bill. Thanks also goes out to the 19 pillars of stones that supported him.

The Bill SB162 is a bill to be titled an act, 20 create the Alabama Uniform Partition of Heirs Property Act.

Every family, when it comes to heir property, should go on-line and get a copy of this bill (SB162). This is to better inform you of your rights when it comes to protecting your property.

For some, you may need an attorney to interpret it for you, and for others when a greedy land grabber tries to steal your inheritance you can say, as Jesus said, “It is written.”

In the past it has been reported that trickery has been used to prey on people who did not understand the meaning of heir property, so they fell victim to the Big Bold Land Grabbers.

These people have been known to go into nursing facilities and take advantage of people who do not know nor understand. Their tactic is “if you don’t sign over your interest to me, the nursing home will take it.”

And rightly so, you should help a facility provide a comfortable place for you to recover if you have no insurance.

In my opinion, heir property should stay in the family, and if there is a need for a sale of one of the heir’s interest, if should be offered to the other heirs first, with all in agreement.

This is one woman’s opinion.