Editor, The Daily Home:

After reading “Our View” in the May 6, 2014, paper titled Red Tape and Clean Environment I wish to recall that the community of Sylacauga lived with toxic air quality for six very long years. Many citizens have died with unusual disease and cancer is now at an all-time high in my city.

Not one time did U.S. Rep. Mike Rogers respond to the pleas of our citizen letters. As a matter of fact, the only person to ever respond to my correspondence with President Barack Obama.

With the help of the Daily Home and other media, the voices of the people prevailed. EPA arrived, took 15 months for cleanup and taxpayers paying 4.5 million dollars but finally this will be our first summer to enjoy our homes and the outdoor activities. We appreciate you and your views and I do hope when election time comes people will recall which party did not one thing for Sylacauga and our environment. Who needs jobs if you can’t breathe and enjoy good Quality of Life? Your article stated “there’s nothing to say we can’t have a vibrant economy and clean air and water … Citizens of Sylacauga demanded to have both … AND WON.