Editor, The Daily Home:

Once again on May 14, 2014, the 275 Bypass at Renfroe Road was able to add a five car accident to its history of accidents.

The bypass opened in 1986 and has logged several deaths and many serious accidents since that time. There is no turn lane for cards heading north on the bypass and making a turn west on Renfroe Road nor is there a turn lane for cars heading south on the bypass and turning east on Renfroe Road.

The number of cars traveling in all four directions has increased through the years with the building of the county jail, Childersburg Work Camp, federal prison camp, Honda, numerous homes, the Ben Bruner Sports Complex and travel route 280 to Birmingham. Traffic is heavy at this intersection daily from 7-9 a.m. and 3-8 p.m.

During soccer and Little League season, more than 100 cars cross the bypass going west and later going east several evenings a week carrying children to and from games.

Talladega County and city officials have been approached about this problem and all claim it is the decision of the state of Alabama Department of Transportation to place a light at this intersection. Attempts to have a timed light at this intersection have reportedly failed.

I certainly do not want to see a car or bus full of children involved in a serious or fatal accident occur before a timed red/yellow/green light is installed. We owe our neighbors and children a much safer crossing at this intersection. Let’s just do it.