Travel can be stressful under any circumstances, not just for the traveler but for those who have to stay behind, too.

For those who have to be on the road without their non-human loved ones, TnT Pet Services in Talladega has just the solution: Making sure your pet is cared for in a familiar surrounding.

Founding partner Terry Young explained that pets will always be more comfortable in a familiar surrounding, whether you’re on vacation or just working long hours. “We provide walking and feeding, but we’ll also play with them and give them a lot of love,” she said. “Whatever the client and the pet need to keep their routine,” she explained. This arrangement also saves the stress of having to transport a pet and the possibly noisy surroundings often associated with boarding facilities.

Young also has experience working with veterinarians and can administer medications as needed.

Partner Roxanne Fulmer added that they can also pick up mail and newspapers, take out the trash, water plants and adjust lights and curtains to make a home look lived in while you’re out of town. They can visit up to four or five times per day if necessary.

“We’ll arrange a visit prior to starting out,” Young said. “That’s free, just to determine what the client needs.” The company is fully licensed, insured  and bonded, and prices are negotiable.

They can also send text messages and photos letting the owners know how things are going while they’re away.

Fulmer pointed out that she has some experience with small farms, and that in addition to dogs and cats the company can also care for goats, horses and pretty much any other domesticated animal. Services are available year round, but Young recommends booking ahead for holiday seasons.

For more information, visit or call 256-375-0723.

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