Editor, The Daily Home:

With its editorials Thursday, May 15, 2014 (‘A human’s emotion’ and ‘A proud Alabama conservative’, 7A) “The Daily Home” continues the liberal legacy of the Ayers and has become “The Anniston Star” surrogate espousing ideology that is seriously out of touch with its reader base.

Apparently the liberal agenda is to teach poor conservatives they are out of touch with reality and must learn to march to the beat of the liberal world-view, which advocates free speech to all – unless you are a conservative or a conservative Christian. Unless I’m badly mistaken, the conservative world-view reflects the majority of readers in Talladega-St. Clair counties.

With the newspaper industry struggling for readers, it puzzles me why a paper would drive another nail into the coffin it has created because it is 15 years behind the technological curve. If the marketing strategy is to gain readers then taking its conservative base to task about their ideologies won’t gain their support. 

Rather, it will, as it has been for the past five years or more (look at your subscription numbers) drive them away and seek alternatives to learn who died, who got married, who’s engaged, and if their team won. This has been the hallmark of “The Daily Home” and the local papers they replaced and not resetting personal beliefs and political agendas.

If I don’t like what I’m watching on TV or an article pops up on the Internet I don’t want to read I can change the channel, skip the article or turn the TV or computer off.

If I don’t like an article in the paper I can selectively read the articles I desire, or put the paper down.

If, however, I believe the paper is deliberately trying to persuade me to accept a specific lifestyle or political ideology, I can simply stop the delivery.