Regional Paramedical Services Inc. has received accreditation by the Commission on Accreditation of Ambulance Services (CAAS).

CAAS was established to encourage and promote quality patient care in America’s medical transportation system. Based initially on the efforts of the American Ambulance Association, the independent commission established a comprehensive series of standards for the ambulance service industry.

Accreditation signifies that your service has met the “gold standard” determined by the ambulance industry to be essential in a modern emergency medical services provider. These standards often exceed those established by state or local regulation. The CAAS standards are designed to help increase operational efficiency and decrease risk and liability across the entire spectrum of the organization.

The process includes a comprehensive self-assessment and an independent external review of the EMS organization. This independent process provides verification to local officials, the medical community and others that quality care is provided to the community.

“We are extremely pleased that we have established a gold standard for the nine counties we serve,” said David Waid, chief operating officer. “Our goal was to achieve this standard in order to provide not only our counties, but the communities and citizens of those counties the highest level of care possible. We could not have achieved this without the support of our employees and the dedication of the management team at RPS. On behalf of all the owners of Regional Paramedical Services, we appreciate all the support in our communities, and look forward to serving you for another 27-plus years.”

Chris Key, operations manager for RPS, has been with the company the past 15 years.

“This accreditation means we have gone through a rigorous five-year process with an outside agency,” Key said. “They inspected us inside and out, financial side and medical side. They gauged our quality of service, and for St. Clair County, that is a big deal. This is a nine-county accreditation for us, and that means the standard of care is the highest it can be expected.”

The nine counties RPS serves includes St. Clair, Walker, Winston, Marion, Cullman, Jefferson, Shelby, Talladega and Chilton. 

Home staff writer Gary Hanner contributed to this story.