The NFL at its core is arguably the most violent and emotional sports league in existence, but as fans, we love it.

These days we hear a lot about the prohibitive cost of education. It is most discouraging to constantly hear the media decrying those having to borrow to get a degree only to face a lifetime of debt. There are no fewer than 17 colleges and universities that offer some degree of free tuition.

Marie hit an all-time high on the sublime-to-ridiculous continuum last week. What tipped her over the top of the silly scale was a text inviting several of her weight-conscience girlfriends to join her in a Groupon deal for a fat farm retreat.

SYLACAUGA -- The New Beginning Ministries Church at 212 East 5th St., Sylacauga, will play host to Pastor Erastus Godfrey and Lady Elect Annie Godfrey's pastor appreciation celebration in recognition of their 47 years of ministry.