A soon as Diana Ponder, 27, of Chulafinnee could walk, she began hunting with her dad. She said she was a tomboy and would tag along with the guys on hunts. The group would hunt rabbit and squirrels. She grew up outdoors learning to shoot different guns. When Ponder was about 10, she began t…

Certain combinations relate to fun. Baseball and hotdogs, football and tailgating are a couple of common combos that come to mind. Take along a youngster and these sporting events will be times to remember. But, to make things really fun and entertaining grab a kayak, a kid, some worms and a…

Tyler Ponder, 27, of Chulafinnee learned to hunt with his uncles. He said they took the initiative to get him started when he was about 6 years old. His dad worked a full-time job and farmed to make a living. Deer, squirrel and rabbit were the primary game species for Ponder.

MOUNT CHEAHA — A faint column of smoke drifts skyward. A very subtle hint of fall is in the air. A few grey-white coals dot the top of a large black iron pot lid, the source of the smoke. Underneath the pot is another batch of coals heating the contents inside. Nearby another pot is made rea…

Turning the calendar page to September can bring a sense of relief, especially for bass anglers. The hot, dog days of summer are behind us, hopefully. Anticipation of cool mornings and milder days stirs our desire for a trip to the lake.

Saturday begins an annual event popular across the Southeast and Alabama. Dove season. Each year, hunters take to the fields to participate in the hunting tradition of dove shooting. Many hunters look forward to opening day of dove season as it signals the kickoff to hunting season.

For some bowhunters, finding a place to fling a few arrows can be a tough job. There may not be an archery range on the corner. However, with affordable bow targets and a little space, bowhunters can have their own range in the backyard.

Starting out as a child, Micheal Williams, 17, of Sylacauga fished with his aunt from the river bank on Lay Lake. Later he began bass fishing with his uncle. The pair tournament fished when Williams was about 12 years old. They mostly fished local events around the area.

Like many hunters today, Scott Brasher, 43, of Ashland learned to hunt from his dad. But, it was not when Brasher was young. He said he was about 17 years old when he started hunting with his dad. Brasher’s dad wanted Scott to go hunting to help him drag the deer out of the woods.

Anything outdoors interests Matt Miles, 61, of Heflin. His dad was an avid sportsman along with uncles and his grandmother who loved to fish. All of his family helped introduced Miles to fishing and hunting.

The 33rd Annual World Deer Expo is billed as the largest deer show in the world. Each year, thousands of hunters of all ages flock to Birmingham-Jefferson Convention Complex to see some of the latest offerings for hunters. Camouflage clothing, tree stands, hunting trips and plenty of other h…

Running trot lines for catfish on the Coosa River was where Chris Guess, 44, of Lincoln learned to fish and hunt. Guess was around 8 years old when he and his older brother helped their granddad with baiting and removing the fish. He said they caught a lot of big mud cats on the lines.

When she was in her early 20s, family and friends introduced Michelle Pritchett, 32 of Munford to hunting and fishing. Her first hunting trips were for squirrels, and she fell in love with hunting and the outdoors. She said she enjoyed just being in the outdoors.

GUNTERSVILLE — Biologists with the Alabama Department of Conservation, Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries Division need good, solid data to make the proper decisions about our state’s wildlife, particularly deer and turkey.

Like most folks starting to fish, Terry Scott, 67, of Eastaboga learned about fishing from his dad. When Scott was about 7 or 8 years old, he and his dad would camp out all night on the river bank. The first fish he caught was a catfish. Scott said that back then they used cane poles.

Jim Bates, 78, of Anniston has been fishing his entire life. He started out fishing with his uncles, Sam Dial and Warren Dial. Also, Bates’ mother loved to fish, too. He enjoys both freshwater and saltwater fishing.

In 1967, Ray Scott, founder of B.A.S.S., organized the first bass tournament. It was recognized as the All-American. Anglers from around the country were invited to compete. Beaver Lake in Arkansas was the event’s location, and 106 anglers paid $100 each for an entry fee.

When she was 11 years old, Lexi Bearden, 16, of Oxford started fishing with her dad during the summer. She said she fell in love with fishing. Bearden will be a junior this fall at Oxford High School. This was her first year as an angler on the Oxford High School fishing team.