It’s becoming abundantly clear that two things just aren’t cool.

Without the explainable excuse of being an Auburn, LSU or Miami Dolphins fan, it’s not cool to hate Nick Saban in Alabama. Anywhere else, it’s not cool to love him.

Here’s hoping it’s cool to check “neither” anywhere.

So, Sports Illustrated included Saban on the latest most-hated/disliked/hit-fetching list to include the Alabama coach. He’s No. 22 of 35, largely because he wins with no concern for putting a Bobby Bowden face on it.

We all know the rabbit hole of specifics that “eithers” cite. One side raises oversigning, the other side signing checks for Nick’s Kids. One side raises Saban coldly stepping over a gasping player in Miami, the other raises Saban climbing down from his perch to bring encouragement to tornado victims.

Sing it all to the tune of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody, but “neithers” see a melody in it all.

He wins a lot? Hey, championships are fun, and we’ve covered a lot of them around here lately.

He rants a lot? Hey, he’s not beyond a self-indulgent flourish, but he mostly talks over everybody to his players, trying to outshout off-message public clamor.

After seven-plus years of observing Saban in Alabama, the Saban phenomenon melts into one of his go-to clichés. It is what it is.

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