Oxford resident Mike McCartney, 42 of Oxford was introduced to hunting and fishing by his dad. McCartney grew up in the outdoors. He started out deer hunting, but also hunted dove, turkey and squirrels. Today, the primary target is deer with some turkey and hog hunting thrown in.

If you are a bowhunter, you most likely hunt from some type of a tree stand. Climbing into a hunting stand attached to a tree gives the archer a vantage point. Being above the deer’s line of sight helps hunters to see movement sooner with less chance of the deer seeing them.

I guess everyone has their Arnold Palmer story and with his sad passing last Sunday, it brought back my memories of “The King.” He was my dad’s favorite golfer, and I can remember watching my dad cheer on Arnie on the old black and white television sets and the occasional trip to my uncle’s …

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