The Piedmont First Baptist Church Sunshine Club met June 3 in the fellowship hall. Hosts were Pitt and Peggy Peel and Gene and Reba Williams. Table decorations were bright and colorful with streamers and lavender.

Prayer requests, praises and announcements were made, and Jerry Dempsey gave the opening prayer. Helen Godby read the minutes. Doug Borden led in singing Happy Birthday to Lil Haslam, Juanita Scott, Jim Garner, Myra Sanford, Sydney Franklin, Beverly Hart and Hazel Childers

Margaret Jones gave a devotion using the life of James Cash Penney, founder of J. C. Penney department stores. During the Great Depression, Penney found himself in financial problems and became quiet ill. He was in such a depression he wrote farewell letters to his wife and son. One day while visiting a chapel he heard the song, “God Will Take Care of You.” From that day on, his life was free from worries. That song spoke deeply to his heart.

Margaret and Rhonda Ledbetter sang “God Will Take Care of You” with Carolyn Feazell accompanying them on piano. Rhonda works with the senior choir on Mondays. She was asked to speak. Her subject was “God’s Faithfulness in Life’s Journey.”

Rhonda chose this topic to reflect on some of the things she has learned along her way and to share what she does not know. None of us know all the answers to the hows or whys of our journey, but we know our God is a faithful God, Rhonda explained.

She asked herself three questions: What am I to do on my journey? Will I survive my journey? What have I learned on my journey?

She explained that if we look to our Bible for answers, we will be encouraged to know God has the plans already in place. Let us thank God that we are still on our journey and we each have a purpose in God’s plans.

Using her God given talent, she entertained at the piano.

Norman Jones closed with prayer asking blessings on the meal to follow.

Twenty-nine members were present along with guests, including Rhonda, as well as Lauren Pruitt, Savannah Thornburg, Kelly Johnson, John and Victoria Gallagher and Griffin and Hunter Pointer and enjoyed the meal.