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March 26, 2015

The Piedmont Journal

There was a lot of trash talk Tuesday night

The Piedmont City Council is trying to decide whether it should keep using its own trucks to collect residents’ trash, or whether it should contract the service out.

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  • Throttle Kings car show set for Saturday

    As long as Jimmy McCurdy’s 1963 Delivery lasts, he will always have something tangible his late father, Jimmy McCurdy, Sr., left him. The seni…

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Keith out-defenses Spring Garden girls

Throughout the season, Spring Garden’s goal was to keep opponents’ scores in the teens at the half and under 40 for the game. The Panthers got those numbers in the AHSAA Class 1A girls state championship game in Birmingham Friday morning yet Keith High, from the small Dallas County community of Orrville, won the game 38-25. At halftime, the Bears led 16-4.


There are sinister forces in high places

What we don’t know can hurt us. Most folks are busy living their lives and making ends meet. We’re concerned about family, friends, jobs, health, and just old-fashioned living. But, there are sinister forces willing to sacrifice ‘the rest of us’ for their own ideological goals. We’d best pay attention.

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