Everyone knows who Piedmont’s next mayor will be and who will fill six of the seven council seats. The person filling that remaining seat, in District 1, will be decided Tuesday.

Weaver to test No. 1 Bulldogs

Christa Neyman was 16 when one of the most destructive tornadoes ever recorded hit Goshen United Methodist Church. She remembers her frightened mother forced her under a pew that Sunday in March 1994.

Christa remembers sitting at the front of the church on the right side. She, like others there, didn’t know it was a tornado. When she left her hiding place and stood, she thought everyone was gone.

A visit from my sister Carol, who lives in Georgia, prompted us to look around Saturday afternoon for something fun to do. We headed toward Piedmont and found exactly what we needed: nice people, good food, and several activities.

The 4th Annual Conquer Chiari Walk was held at Veterans Memorial Park in Piedmont. Over $3,000 was raised to fight Chiari Malformation.