The Rev. Tom Moye is excited to be the minister at First United Methodist Church (FUMC) of Piedmont for two reasons. He will lead the worship service that celebrates the church’s 100th anniversary of being located at 300 N. Church St. He is also excited that the church is growing.

Top-ranked Dogs get a chance to rest

Tiffany Duck Beal of Piedmont didn’t know it when she had her first art class in high school in Rome, Ga., but it was a hobby that would provide tranquility for her and lend assistance to organizations that help those who are suffering with cancer and their families.

I get agitated when people can’t park between the lines. I whined about this one morning to one of my friends, and without hesitation she said, “It’s not that they can’t park between the lines; it’s that they don’t care.” That’s true!

In observance of Fire Prevention Week in Piedmont, middle school art students paint the fire hydrants around campus to look like 'Minions'.