The Piedmont Journal

May 6, 2015

The Piedmont Journal

Lunchrooms to stay open this summer

Classes will be over by the end of the month, but Piedmont school lunchrooms are not scheduled to close in 2015.

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  • City may fix phone system

    Two Birmingham-based businessmen answered questions about how Piedmont needs to improve the phone network used by city offices, but City Counc…

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  • Ms. Louise loves her kids and her boots

    Vivacious only begins to describe her. Fun-loving, attractive, and accomplished can be added. She dances, sews, and cooks—skills that belie Ja…

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Local News

Civil War festival held at Fiddler’s Green

Sunshine and cannon-fire greeted spectators this weekend at the 8th annual Skirmish in The Valley, a Civil War festival held at the historic and sprawling estate in Jacksonville known as Fiddler’s Green. The Green is home to Chris and Heather Dempsey, who dazzled in their period attire on Saturday, and their young daughters, Ruby and Ada, who sported a dress and Yankee cap, respectively.

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