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October 24, 2014

The Piedmont Journal

Schools to begin payment for trash collection

The city has yet to bill Piedmont City Schools for trash collection despite the City Council’s decision this summer to do so, officials learned Tuesday. 

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  • Don Wheeler remembered

    The Piedmont Blue Knights alumni were honorary pallbearers at the funeral of their former director, Donald Everett Wheeler, 64, Oct. 5.

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  • John Kochan helps his wife in her shop

    John Kochan spent 10 years in the Army. He was stationed in Vietnam, Korea and Germany. Kochan was born and reared in Detroit, and living in t…

    • icon Updated: October 22

Local News

A beautiful day for the country fair

Dan Freeman, a merchant and member of the Piedmont Community Council, said Saturday was a good day for an Old Fashion Country Fair. The fair was sponsored by the council and the City of Piedmont “It was perfect,” said Freeman. “The weather was good. We had a pretty good crowd. I think we were a little short on people, but all the vendors seemed to be happy. Events like this are so important to a little town like Piedmont.”


Election won’t change much in Washington

President Obama came into office promising to transform America. He and other progressives have done everything within their power, constitutional or not, to socialize our institutions. Main Street Americans have become mired in an era both anticipated and dreaded by our Founders. We’re likely to continue in this direction unless some major event causes a majority of voters to return to our roots.

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