Oxford stone mound
Content related to the removal of the stone mound located behind the Oxford Exchange shopping center
Parkway prank: Sign for Oxford road altered in reference to mound debate
Someone temporarily altered the sign Friday for Oxford's Leon Smith Parkway in a political statement in the ongoing American Indian mound debate. The person replaced "Leon Smith Parkway" with "Indian Mound Pkwy" by sticking white paperboard on the sign. The addition was written in blue and red marker and included a black sketch of the hill the mound is on.
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Smith says controversial mound was put at top of hill by natural forces
OXFORD — Mayor Leon Smith claimed Tuesday that a stone mound at the center of a simmering controversy was put there by natural forces, though an archaeological study commissioned by the city says it was almost certainly man-made.
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Riley sends 'mound' concerns to state historical commission
Gov. Bob Riley last week responded to a Texas woman concerned about the potential destruction of an American Indian-built stone mound in Oxford, but his office says he will not get involved with the issue.
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Sam's Club: No artifacts will go into site
Sam's Club investigated Oxford's American Indian mound controversy and concluded that historical artifacts aren't located on its site, a letter from a company spokeswoman says. Company spokeswoman Susan Koehler wrote the letter in response to an e-mail from Charlotte, N.C., resident Beth Walters.
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Local American Indian elder addresses council
A local group of American Indians turned out to the Oxford City Council meeting Tuesday night to urge the city to preserve the stone mound located atop a hill behind the Oxford Exchange.
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Related Letters and Editorials
Where's the proof?
I have heard a lot of hullabaloo about the Native American stone mound in Oxford being an Indian burial ground, but I have seen no proof.
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Shine a light on critical report: Public records and Oxford's hill
Keeping public records from the public is a reprehensible action. We expect better from our cities, universities and state agencies. As public entities, they should know the law, and they should follow it.
Jul 09, 2009 |  2 comments | 44 44 recommendations | email to a friend
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Phillip Tutor: The saga of Alabama's Indians
All this talk about Native Americans and stone mounds and sacred burial grounds that's enveloped Calhoun County got me thinking about the "Alabama Feaver," as James Graham of Lincoln County, N.C., described it in November 1817.
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Oxford's Indian heritage: What readers are saying
Can someone enlighten me as to the mentality that would lead a city such as Oxford to dig up a Native American burial mound and sacred site to use as fill dirt for a big-box Sam's Club development?
Jul 03, 2009 |  7 comments | 51 51 recommendations | email to a friend
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Speaker's Stand: Don't lose our history
I write concerning the eminent destruction of Alabama's largest Native American ceremonial ground of its type. This Native American burial mound next to Oxford Exchange is to be removed and used for fill dirt for construction.
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