Potential jurors don’t need to report, court offic...
06:40 PM, Friday, April 18
Officials with the Calhoun County Courthouse on Friday announced that residents who received jury summonses for Monday no longer have to report for duty. Circuit Clerk Eli Henderson said that as cases get closer to a jury trial, lawyers often work...

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County awards drugs contract for jail
On Thursday, the Calhoun County Commission awarded Richmond, Va., based Westwood Pharmacy a contract to supply the Ca...
01:55 PM, Thursday, April 10
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Dog euthanized after fatal attack on Riverside boy
Bill Murray of the St. Clair Sheriff's office told local media outlets that although the dog was euthanized, it's unc...
11:12 PM, Wednesday, April 09
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Cleburne County Farmers Association hears from 14 candidates
`Fourteen candidates for elected offices in Cleburne County spoke to members of the Cleburne County Farmers Associati...
11:04 PM, Wednesday, April 09
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State school board tries to leave high-stakes testing behind
The state Board of Education denounced the long-running program in no uncertain terms in a resolution Wednesday -- ju...
06:26 PM, Wednesday, April 09
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Cleburne school board sets gym rental policy
The Cleburne County Board of Education this week approved a new gym rental policy for Cleburne County High School.
06:18 PM, Wednesday, April 09
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Heflin to hire new Parks and Recreation staffer
The Heflin City Council this week approved hiring another supervisor for the Parks and Recreation Department.
06:11 PM, Wednesday, April 09
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Holocaust remembrance set for tonight at JSU
Each year the number of living Holocaust survivors declines, and each year their stories are in peril of being lost t...
05:13 PM, Wednesday, April 09
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Outdoors becomes classroom for local students
The activities, spread out over 10 stations and including presentations on water conservation, outdoor safety, nutrit...
05:10 PM, Wednesday, April 09
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Anniston man on trial for 1999 Weaver murder
Jurors heard testimony Wednesday from witnesses in a capital murder trial stemming from a 1999 shooting death in Weaver.
05:09 PM, Wednesday, April 09
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Wellborn educator a finalist for state Teacher of the Year
Jackie Kelley, the vocational teacher at Wellborn High School, was announced as finalist by the Alabama Department of...
03:45 PM, Wednesday, April 09
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JSU educator receives conservation award
Renee Morrison, assistant director of the Jacksonville State University Field Schools, received the Roosevelt-Ashe Co...
03:35 PM, Wednesday, April 09
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Three area 5k runs set for weekend
The events include New Desire’s Run to Reach at Southside High School in Etowah County Friday evening, the first Foot...
03:28 PM, Wednesday, April 09
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Clay County official hired to promote local tourism
The seven-year executive director of the Clay County Chamber of Commerce will end her tenure in Lineville this week t...
02:47 PM, Wednesday, April 09
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Driver in I-20 police chase jailed, passenger to face charges
A man who led police on a chase from Georgia to Heflin in a taxi he allegedly took at gunpoint was in the Carroll Cou...
02:18 PM, Wednesday, April 09
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George Smith: This morning, 72 years since death march
APRIL 29, 1942 ... it’s been 72 years today since American and Philippine war prisoners began the infamous Bataan Dea...
05:00 AM, Wednesday, April 09
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