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One word.

A tremendous amount of power and significance behind it.

The last few weeks I've not had much TIME to do anything more than work, study, work some more, and try to find TIME for family in there somewhere.  As the weeks of my studies drew to a close, TIME became more and more of a precious commodity because I seemed to have less and less TIME to get anything critically important done.  All things worked out though.  Barely.

March 14th was my daughter's ten-year-old birthday.  Every year on each of my daughter's birthdays, starting back when they were five years old, I began taking them out for an all-day father-daughter date.  Not this year.  I finally did get around to taking my oldest out on that father-daughter date - over two months later.  There just wasn't enough TIME on her birthday.  Maybe things didn't work out so well after all.

We had fun, but she noticed the difference.  She had counted the days.  She had counted the TIME that had elapsed between when we were supposed to go out on the date, and the day we actually went.

Its my fault.  I had no idea the classes would be so taxing.  Working a full-TIME job and trying to hold onto a part-TIME job to make ends meet certainly strained any free TIME as well because of my class load.  Seems to be an all-too common complaint.  I just don't seem to have enough TIME.

While talking with my daughter over some serious issues, one of the things that came up is TIME.  She can tend to get frustrated with her younger sister.  My youngest seems to pick the wrong TIME to want to be around my oldest who really would like to have some TIME to herself.  That's when I told her, what her younger sister really wants from her is some TIME.

When someone calls your name, they are asking for your TIME.  When someone calls you on the phone, they are asking for your TIME.  When you get an email, a letter, or someone tries to get your attention, what they are asking you for is your TIME.  It is up to you to chose whether or not to give some TIME to them or not. 

Some people take our TIME without asking and we can get frustrated with them.  The person who seems to never stop talking, the car that sits on a green light, the lines we wait in, the constant grab of advertising, all are trying to wrest from us what we really do not wish to give in those moments . . . our TIME.

TIME, it turns out, happens to be one of the most precious things you can give - if you really give it.  When we truly give someone our TIME, we slow down for them, turn to face them, actively listen and engage them, and give them our full attention.  The gift of TIME is a wonderful thing when given freely.  When you give the gift of TIME, you are telling someone that your TIME now belongs to them to use in any way they wish.  Because it is theirs, they can do anything they want with it, and giving your TIME to them communicates that they are important to you.  Not giving your TIME can communicate the opposite as well.  TIME is a powerful thing that way.

Who gets your TIME?  If you were at the end of your life, is there anything, or anyone you might wish you had not given your TIME?  Are there any blocks of TIME wasted, spent, or otherwise given to people or things that really did not matter?  What would you do if you could get that TIME back?

Alas, you cannot get TIME back.  You only have whatever TIME you have left. 

TIME, you see, is very limited.

Today, who will get your TIME?
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