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     If there is some kind of cosmic balance scale for good and bad days, and some law somewhere says it has to be balanced out, with cruddy stuff for some equaling good stuff for others in a perfect one-to-one ratio...then anyone who had a good day last Monday owes me a large karmiac debt.

     Seriously, anything that could did go wrong.  Woke up just after midnight as my insomnia flared up, so the bad day got a nice early start.

     First, we noticed Xan was getting a rather bad rash.  This started the usual jumping through hoops and second-guessing it always does, as we try to figure out what's going on and how serious it could be, should we try to get him to the doctor and deal with all that.  The rash looked like he had gotten a shotgun shell full of sand, little bumps all over his chest and back.  Didn't seem to be itchy, wasn't leaking anything, wasn't bloody.  Seemed to ebb and flow every time we checked, never giving us solid progress or retreat.  No fever, no loss of appetite, no nothing else, just that rash.  We kept him from school Tuesday and Wednesday to make sure it wasn't contagious, to keep an eye on him and see if one of those other problems flared up, and to be able to apply Cortazine off and on and keep an eye on him to make sure he didn't try to wipe it off or anything.

     While this was starting up, a routine virus scan on our one working computer flashed up a Trojan warning.  This isn't great news any day of the week, but take a wild guess what we had just day before?

     Our taxes.  So if anyone had managed to plant something on our computer, they now had the mother load of information, from addresses to social security numbers.  This is the kind of thing that could have made Mother Teresa and Buddha curse and throw stuff wildly. 

     The TV has decided to become a pessimist, making everything it shows darker and darker and darker.  We caught the finale of The Walking Dead, and the last scene...we had NO IDEA what was supposed to be in the background.  All we could see was the moon.  (Not spoiling anything here, but it was a kinda important plot point from the comics.)

     Tracy's Droid phone died.  It had most of the information about the Walk for Autism on April 28th on it.   

     Fridge began leaking.  Car started making odd noises.  I had a recurrent problem start to flare up again and had to go to the doctor.  Had TKD testing that night so I couldn't rest.

     I commented to an online friend "Ever suspect you're the subject in some alien's experiment to see what the magic number of blood pressure is to make your eyeballs actually shoot out from your skull?" 

     We made it through.  But now, I'm calling in the debts.

     If you guys had a good Monday, you owe me.  So here's what I want you to do:

     First of all, try to come to the Walk for Autism on 4/28 at Oxford High Stadium.  As always, e-mail me if you want more info, want to help, anything.

     April is Autism Awareness month, so read up on autism, send me questions to answer in a post, and try to do something nice for people who have it.

     We'll be bagging groceries on 4/21 at the Golden Springs Winn-Dixie to raise money for the Autism Society of Alabama - stop by, say hi, tell me you read the blog and donate.

    Above all, appreciate the good time when they're there and be patient with someone else who may be having one of my Mondays on another day of the week.

     And remember, that no matter how bad your day has been, lots of people out there would willingly trade you for it, and throw in their left kidney to boot.  That can be hard to remember, as can the fact that this too shall pass, but it helps you make it through long, hard days.

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