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Wow! A lot has happened in the world of technology since my last post. I hope you are aware of it because if you aren't, you've really missed out.

iPhone 4S

The new iPhone has launched! It wasn't an iPhone 5 as previously expected, but an iPhone 4S. This is an incremental upgrade much like when Apple launched the iPhone 3GS. Everything about the phone is better, much better, but it still looks the same as the iPhone 4. Unless you use your phone constantly to take photos and videos, I wouldn't recommend upgrading to the 4S right now. I would personally wait until next year when hopefully the iPhone 5 comes out with true 4G (LTE) built in to take advantage of much higher speeds. If however you are on an Android phone and loathe it like I am, or on the previously mentioned iPhone 3GS, this phone will make a fantastic upgrade. You can read more about the new features of the iPhone at the Apple website.

Amazon Kindle Fire

It had been rumored that Amazon would launch an "iPad Killer" this Fall and it turns out the rumor was half true. They did launch a tablet, it is most definitely not a killer. The tablet is nice enough I guess, but it would be like comparing an iMac to an eMachine. Sure they are both computers, but as with everything else in life you get what you pay for. And that is the only place the Kindle Fire beats the iPad, on price. At $199, it's going to be very tempting to buy this over the iPad which starts at $499. My suggestion, if you can't afford the iPad and you just really really want a tablet, go for it. It's not all bad. Just don't come crying when you realize everything on it has to run through some Amazon version of the apps you like.

Windows 8

There was a big Windows conference which discussed next year's version of Microsoft Windows. It's been beautified, simplified, and given one heck of a face lift. To the right you'll see the new Windows start screen. Yeah, it looks like a tablet or phone or something. You could say the Windows team has been inspired by touch. The entire OS has been optimized to work not just on PCs, but on tablets as well.

Another thing you'll notice when using it, is that everything is faster. Boot time is faster, memory usage is much better, and everything in that fancy picture you see there (called Metro UI) will boot almost instantly.

The biggest change that will, in true Microsoft fashion, bring Windows closer in line to the newest features of Apple's Mac OS X is that there will be a Windows App Store. You will now be able to purchase programs for your computer directly from the App Store online just like you would an app on your phone. Think Quicken, Quickbooks, Microsoft Word, and games at the click of a button. Read more about Windows 8 on Mashable.

One More Thing...

Steve Jobs has passed away. I've been debating on writing something about Steve Jobs on here ever since he passed. However, I didn't feel I could do it justice. So I've read a large number of writings on his death recently, and nobody said what I wanted to say as well as MG Siegler has in his Techrunch post. So I will simply refer you to his post in hopes that you enjoy it as much as I did.

I've respected Jobs as a business person and visionary for quite a long time. There's a book I recently read on him called "The Steve Jobs Way: iLeadership for a New Generation" which was fantastic. I look forward to reading his authorized biography "Steve Jobs" when it finally launches too.

Below are some videos of Jobs that I thoroughly enjoyed that I thought many of you might also. I'll leave you with these until next time.

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