Trapped in a Nightmare
by Emilee Arledge, age 15, Jacksonville High School
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The only sounds on the sidewalk are my own two feet hitting the concrete as I walk home from Amber’s house.

The neighborhood is quiet, and the sun is beginning to set. The wind blows, and fresh fallen leaves scatter around the road. I smile and twirl through them like I’m 5 years old.

When the wind dies down and I regain my balance, I see a young girl, just down the road, staring right at me. A chill runs down my spine, and the smile leaves my face.

I turn and walk faster as I make my way home, but I can’t shake the feeling that I’m being followed. I stop and listen, to hear that quiet footsteps are following behind me.

My heart rate quickens as I turn around to see the same young girl, a few yards off. Her skin is a sickly yellow, eyes dark and lifeless, and her black hair dances wildly behind her as she runs toward me.

“If she’s just a child,” I think, “then why do I feel so terrified?”

I turn my back on her and run down the road, the small footsteps falling faster, as she tries to keep up with me. The cold air is biting at my cheeks, as my feet hit the grass on my lawn. I tear up the steps, burst through the door and fall to the floor behind it, breathless and scared.

“Hello?” I call, hoping to hear my family, but no one answers.

I climb the stairs to my bedroom and fall back onto my bed, grateful for the warm, soft mattress. My eyes slowly start to close as a wave of fatigue hits me, and I drift off to sleep.

I am startled awake by the sound of someone calling my name. When my eyes adjust to the darkness in the room, I can see someone standing just outside my door in the hallway.

“Is someone there?” I ask, trying to keep my voice steady.

“Mommy, do you remember me?” a small, devil-like voice asks.

“Who is there?” I ask again, fear leaking into my voice. I push myself to the side of the bed where the lamp is.

“Mommy, why didn’t you want me?” the little girl asks.

My hand bumps the lamp and I quickly pull the string, to find the girl is gone.

I lie back in my bed and close my eyes, trying to calm my rapid heart. I roll over and bump something warm. My eyes open to find the girl laying in my bed, her black, lifeless eyes boring into mine.

I scream and try to move away, but find myself paralyzed by fear.

“Stop acting like you don’t know me!” The voice is loud and demonic, no longer a little girl.

“Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!” I yell, screaming and thrashing under my covers, trying to get away.

Then I woke up.
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Trapped in a Nightmare by Emilee Arledge, age 15, Jacksonville High School

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