The Mist
by Brett Key & Dylan Edmonson, Alexandria High School
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In 1735, on the Yukon River, a Cherokee Chief, Stepped out of his teepee as another tribe was raiding their village. They burned the city leaving no survivors. All that was left was ashes, and one thing that survived the fire, a golden skull. A partner tribe found the remaining bodies and buried them, Red Rooster was not found.

“Hey Peter” said a Man in a late 1890’s gold rush, “Get over here” Peter reluctantly walks over to the man, named Ty, and looks at what he had found.

“I’ve struck gold” Says Ty

“YIPEEEEE” Peter yells with excitement

Ty then hits Gold with his pickaxe and gets it and runs to his hut a mile off the river. He gets out the gold and realizes it looks like a skull. With eyes blood red, the skull seemed to stare at him. Ty didn’t think anything about it so he put it on his table thinking he could get an easy buck off of it.

Ty wakes up in the middle of the night, lonesome and weary. No noises where made, in fact it was complete silence. He just had a feeling of dread, And butterflies in his stomach. He thinks nothing of it and goes back to sleep. Almost an hour later, he awakes again. This time to a loud crowing sound and he sees a dim, red light. He looks in the direction of the light and sees a gold, shimmering object. He then realizes it’s the golden skull.

He looks at the object, and it appears to be mumbling. He listens closely to the sound. It appears to be an angry chant. He cannot make out the words. Ty gets out of bed and walks to the object. He hesitates to touch the object, and decides not to instead, he throws a rock at it. Nothing happens, so he leans in to pick the object up, and remembers how he picked it up earlier. “I can do this” Ty fearfully says.

Ty touches the skull and nothing happens. He places both hands on it and lifts it up. The skull vibrates and Ty drops it, breaking the skull. A misty vapor then releases from it. Kind of a red, gloomy vapor. With it the murmuring chants come back. Ty hears them Speak and understands them.

“Leave my tribe…… Go away…..” said the voices which seemed to get louder and louder. He pays attention to the mist again witch seems to be growing larger and larger.

The voices, seeming to get angry, kept chanting “Leave my tribe…… Go away….. I have done nothing to deserve this…..”

“I have done nothing to you” said Ty

The mist is now shaped like a human, but still Red as it originated

“Leave my tribe…… Go away…..” the body-shaped mist was now Shaking his fist in anger. Ty touches the mist and all is silent. Everything, but the remains of the skull, is gone.
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The Mist by Brett Key & Dylan Edmonson, Alexandria High School

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