The Little Things
by JohnBagwell
 Faith & Family
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"Little things." 

These words have been used in such phrases as: "It's the little things that matter"; "Little things mean a lot."  We've also heard that "It's the small details that matter"; and "There are no small/little jobs."

While we understand the meaning behind these words because they ring true, most men want to slay the giants of the world while leaving the small details and "little things" to other people.  Even though we as men know that "little things" matter, we do not really want to concern ourselves with them if we don't absolutely have to.  I've seen some men, and you have probably met or know one or two, who seem to act with the belief that they are above "little things" and their talent is wasted on trivial matters.

The problem with that perception is this:


little things,

will become big things.

Think about it.

When I look back on my life, I sincerely appreciate the big things done on my behalf.  In reality, there are very few.  However, my mind is filled with memory after memory of small things this person or that person may have done that sent my mind thinking in a different direction.  Sometimes it was a small kindness of word or deed that turned a bad day into something more bearable, or even put a smile on my face in the midst of some storm.

As a man, I understand the mindset that wants to look for the great challenges.  We want to have the determination of a Pioneer or great Explorer, traveling into uncharted places, to find some place no man has ever stood and plant our own feet as we survey some wild, untamed landscape.  To be sure, it is this mindset that is fueling a desire to put mankind on Mars some day.  It will probably happen in my lifetime, too.

As a father, none of this kind of thinking has changed.  I have a family with a wife and two daughters, and still there is the desire to find a purpose and do something really great with my life.

That's when a voice whispered to my heart,

"Little things become big things."

At first I wondered what it meant.  My mind recalled all the sayings I mentioned before, but to me, little things were still little things.  While important in their own way, they just helped accomplish some greater purpose where someone else eventually claimed credit.  I understand little things are still needed in their own way, but I must admit, something within me wanted to know that my life would matter in some greater way, somehow.

Coming home late from work one night this week from my second job, the thought that "little things become big things" was still clanging around in my head.  Then I thought of my two daughters.  They are growing up fast, and the thought that my oldest is going to turn 10 years old soon brought the realization that my time with her in my home is growing smaller.  Then I understood.

I called my wife.  Both girls were already headed to bed, they were just waiting up to say goodnight to me.  I asked my wife to tell our oldest daughter to get dressed and get ready to go somewhere.  When I came home, I changed clothes, and drove off with my oldest daughter.  She started asking question after question about where we were going, what we were doing, and why.  We stopped at a tiny little restaurant and I said, "Here we are!"

She was a little confused.

We went inside, asked for a small order of fried cheese sticks, and a couple of small sodas, and just talked for a little while.

It was dark outside.  It was very late at night.  The restaurant was virtually empty.  We had the place almost completely to ourselves, but best of all, we just sat and talked.  Mostly I just listened.

Then, as we talked she sighed a little bit.  I could tell something was bothering her.  I decided a little prodding was needed here as I asked, "What is it?"  She looked up at me with something of a serious look in hers eyes and replied, "Are you sure you want to hear this?"

The rest of that conversation will remain between us.

It was a little conversation, in a little restaurant, with a little girl, but as we talked I realized that someday, little things really will become big things.  Little kids will grow up to be big adults, and with them all their "little things" whether good or bad, will become "big things" in their adult life.

If you really want to do something really big and great with your life, just look to your children.

Those little things, someday, will become big things.

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