The Diabolical Twins
by Georgina Fuhrmann, 12, Saks Middle School
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Thursday, Oct. 31, was Rachel’s birthday. So she had a sleepover with her friends, Brittney, Jasmine, Katie and Monica. A few hours after they arrived, the doorbell rang. As Rachel was walking to the door, she heard a voice say “Trick or treat.”

Rachel opened the door and standing before her was a small, pale little girl, about 6, wearing a bloodied school uniform and long, blood-matted pigtails. She had dark blue rings around her eyes and her eyes seemed to have a red color to them. On her throat was a long, fake gash, and she had several fake cuts, gashes and bruises on her face and arms.

“Trick or treat!” she said again. Rachel gave her an apologetic smile and said “I’m sorry, but I don’t have any candy.” She started to close the door when the girl said “Trick or treat” again and smiled angelically. Again, Rachel said “I’m sorry but I don’t have any candy, but cool costume,” and shut the door.

She started to walk away, then she heard a squeaking noise. She looked back. The girl’s face was pressed up against the window, staring at her with mad glowing red eyes, and a demonic smile, twisting the doorknob and opening the door. “Do you want to see my sister?” she said, walking into the house. Following her was an identical twin. They both looked at her and tilted their heads. Then, in unison, they crackled madly, curling their hands into fists, inch-long nails digging into their flesh.

They started chanting unintelligibly, then it became clearer. “May thee be plagued by living death, may thee be diseased with torture, may thee be deprived of breath, may thee have memories of horror.” The lights started to flicker, then went out. Rachel ran into the kitchen, fumbling for a knife. She heard a steady dripping. She found her way around to the sink and turned the handles all the way off. Something was still dripping.

She looked for a flashlight, grabbed one, and shined the beam on the faucet. It was not dripping. She saw red in the sink, and bent over it to examine it more closely. She felt a warm drip on her head, and slowly looked up. A drop fell in her eye. She wiped her eye, then saw it. Her cat, hanging from a wire, ripped open from its throat down to its stomach.

She screamed and ran into her bedroom. She shined the flashlight around the room, and to her horror, she saw each one of her friends hanging by a wire, Brittney and Katie were skinless. She screamed and ran out of the house. She looked around. Everywhere were people, dead, with masks of unmistakable pain on their face. Tortured. Mauled. Skinned. Then the twins appeared in front of her and said “Trick or treat!” and slit her throat.

But no, she would not and could not die. She stayed alive, but dead, she couldn’t breathe, every second was torture, and she had forever memories of horror.
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The Diabolical Twins by Georgina Fuhrmann, 12, Saks Middle School

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